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wrong pace Track session

Mt. Kenya

Hello I noticed a discrepancy in pace/min during a Track activity if I compare Garmin Connect with Strava on the same activity.

I am using during track session the dedicated Garmin Track run activity so it is pretty accurate by setting the right lane using on track.

Can this be cured and have a match between Garmin and Strava?


Mt. Kenya

I noticed the same problem with my Forerunner 265. I ran several times in the Track, lane 1 etc.
When I see the actual Pace while running, or even the 15s average pace, the number doesn't match the lap pace at 1000m lap. After that I downloaded the FIT file and converted the pace in Excel using enhanced_speed[m/s]. That works, then the Pace per km is correct. I think Garmin is doing something wrong in the Track Run because the GPS position is not accurate in the lane 1 and then interporlation and other math behind is doing wrong pace calculation.