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3D terrain map isn't helpful in many situations and it is annoying that it is selected by default



3D view map preview is selected by default for all trail runs. I see it a lot in my feed because most of people who I follow are trail runners. I find that the 3D map hurts usability of Strava more than it helps. With the 2D map, just by glancing at the map preview, I often instantly know where the run was - many shapes of trails are easily recognizable.

But with the 3D map a good part of the route is often obstructed by terrain like in the example below. That is because the view is always oriented south to north. So unless the activity was on a south slope or the terrain is fairly flat, the 3D map often looks quite terrible and useless to convey a good information about the activity. 


I find that I often want to switch back to the normal 2D map, and that is glitchy by the way. Often I switch the map at the same time as editing a run title and details but it doesn't get switched. And then I have to edit the activity and change it again. 

I'd really like an option to remember the map type and automatically apply it. Except some rare cases I don't want to have the 3D map selected by default because frankly it doesn't work.


Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Howdy folks, I'd like to announce an update to 3D maps in feed. We have just released an update that will improve the visibility of your activity when you select the 3D static map option. We now select the best camera angle for your followers to see what you have accomplished. Here is a screenshot of what an activity looked like vs now with the latest changes in this feature.
TimB_0-1668537762651 (1).png
Additionally, you can now disable the default 3D map for trail sports.
Please be aware that changing this setting will only impact future uploads. Previous activity uploads will not be changed.

  • From the mobile app, navigate to Settings by tapping the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Home, Groups, or You tab and tap Default Maps.
  • From the website, hover over your profile picture in the upper right corner and select Settings from the drop-down menu. Select Display Preferences from the menu on the left-hand side.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Hello Soren,

I understand that to select "the right" angle programmaticaly is not easy. I've given this feature a chance but it fails miserably most of times. Is there a chance do implement a feature where a user can select the camera angle? 

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

We don't have an update to share at this time, however, please know that your feedback has been passed along. Thank you!

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

This is so frustrating. Even if 3d is the default map the fact that it ignores my choice of standard the first time I post an activity every single time and makes me have to edit the activity is a constant annoyance. My experience with Strava is currently worse than before I started paying for it...

That is true. I wanted to post about that again too. The first time the map view is changed, that is always ignored by Strava. So every entry has to be edited twice.

And here is another example of how useless 3D map previews can be - at least 80% of the route is obscured by terrain:


Are there any plans to address this? 

Mt. Kenya

pls, @StravaSupport, remove 3D maps default.

Mt. Kenya

For the love of god, please kill this 3D map thing or let us pick a different map by default. Viewing a crappy satellite image from a fixed perspective is usually going to be a terrible view.


I have find and made a few automations. Really nice!



Mt. Kenya

I hate the 3d maps as default.

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