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Ability to customize stats shown in feed highlight

Mt. Kenya

It would be nice to have more options about what to show in the main feed in the activity highlight. 

For example: if I go on a run that has on average 101ft per mile run of elevation gain, the total elevation gain of the run shows in the feed highlight, otherwise it does not. Having more granular control over what is shown by default for each activity type would be nice.  Right now it seems determined by activity tagging, for example, indoor cycling vs ride.  For indoor cycling the power is shown in the feed, otherwise you have to drill down. There is no way to know these rules without experimentation and no way to control them right now. 

Also I've noticed recently some activities are not showing the total moving duration unless you drill down into the specific details, even with no segments or achievements.



I would love to know at a glance how fast my long cycle rides have been, rather than just seeing a default "Distance" and "Time" - showing "Speed" here would be handy.



Mt. Kenya

I am agreeing with this and hoping there will be a change. Being able to pick which metrics are shown in our feed would be awesome. I live in a hilly area and my feed always shows elevation gain instead of pace. My friends like to poke fun about not being able to see my pace. At least a few personalized options would be nice. 

Mt. Kenya

totally agree with this, I want to be able to see the total elevation I have ridden instead of average elevation gain.


This is great suggestion. At the minimum, Strava should find a way to show more metrics in the activity feed. With the current implementation it shows only 3 metrics when there are no achievements and only 2 metrics when there is at least one achievement. Looking at many runs, not even the total time is shown. All I see for many runs is just distance and pace or distance and elevation gain. Considering how much space each activity already takes in the feed and the fact that even activity details text is shown, I think adding a second row for activity metrics would not be an unreasonable change.