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Activity-by-day challenges not picking up multiple valid activities

Mt. Kenya


My name is Matt, I have a Free Account.

I wanted to raise a potential Bug Report but i'm not sure if it's an actual bug at this point. I have logged a support ticket (2861013) but am unsure if this was actually recognized as a bug or feature update.

The issue I am experiencing are for any challenges in Strava that count/identify activities by the day (i.e. like the monthly 'Streak Challenges' where you log 3 activities a week on different days) where I happen to have multiple valid activities on the same day AND for whatever reason delete the activity the challenge recognized (which appears to be the first chronologically on that day 100% of the time) on the day I had more than one logged. When I delete the activity the challenge recognized the app does not appear to try to find a replacement even if there are valid activities that would also count on that day.

So, the challenge appears to correctly recognize the activity isn't there anymore, therefore it 'undoes' what counted towards the challenge. But then it stops. It does not see if there were other activities logged that day that might also count and update based on the next potential eligible activity.

I specifically encountered this while trying to complete week 3 of 4 during the April 2024 streak challenge. I had recorded two valid activities for the week, but come Sunday still needed my 3rd activity to get credit for the week. I ended up with two valid activities that Sunday. The April Streak challenge recognized the first activity and thus gave credit for the week. Later that day I logged another activity that would also count. I deleted the first activity I recorded that day. The Challenge appeared to correctly see the activity was no longer there, so it 'undid' the credit for the week, but then did not see I had another activity that day that would also count. So I ended up scrambling to complete a 3rd activity, which I did, but the challenge wouldn't recognize anything further that day.

So in general, regardless of the specific scenario I cited where I noticed it, I think the ask would be for any of the challenges that track whether eligible activities were completed by the day, those challenges should be able to 'recalculate' daily if for any reason the first activity that the challenge accepted is deleted. This should work for whatever reason, regardless of how the activities got there (manual, 3rd party sync, tracked in Strava directly etc) and regardless of the deletion reasons the challenge should keep its tracking open to find replacement activities instead of just stopping it's script.

Let me know if I can provide further context. Thank you!

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