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Athlete-to-Athlete Communication


I’d like the opportunity to communicate privately and directly with fellow Strava athletes (gear and route questions, co-training opportunities, etc.; things that are too detailed for the comments section). I understand that creating, integrating, and “policing” an internal personal messaging system is daunting, but what about Strava allowing an email sharing “opt in”.

Any athlete could allow conversation through their Strava verified sign-in email but it would be hidden behind a “contact this athlete” button on Strava. The receiving athlete would see the sending athlete’s email and they could choose to reply or not reply and continue the communication off the Strava website within their personal email (gmail, yahoo, etc).  The general Strava audience would not see any personal email, just the “contact this athlete” button—unless it is grayed out because the athlete chose to not partake in this form of direct communication.  

What are your thoughts and ideas please? Thank you. 


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Thank you @SteveWayne for posting this idea.

For those who would like to vote on this idea, please click here.  Add your vote by clicking on the kudos icon. This helps the idea become more visible.

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on athlete-to-athlete communication. This sounds like the perfect idea to share to our Feature Suggestion board, so that others can also vote on your idea. We kindly ask that you review our Feature Suggestions guidelines, particularly the “What makes a good idea” section, to ensure that your ideas are clear, concise, and can reach as many others as possible.

Thank you for your contribution, we value your input.

Mt. Kenya

Indeed, within the trail running community Strava is seen more as a social thing than a competitive / performance thing. Even Github provides - on an opt-in basis - means for participants to get in touch with each other.


+1000.  It seems to be a major missing feature for a social platform - I like Steve's idea of the private/direct, but also feel like you could potentially have threads in clubs too, to communicate about group rides/events, etc. (maybe helps what 22twain points out).  I'd opt-in for sure.

There is some "thread" functionality in the clubs, labeled as "Posts" and is not utilized all that well, but that's more on users than on STRAVA.  Perhaps if club post notifications were moved to the feeds of athletes within that club, it might get more traction.  Definitely would like to see a DM-style addition though, if for no other reason than to share contact info in case of emergencies.


Absolutely agree with this and would totally opt into it.  Since STRAVA is essentially the only social media I use, and as the captain of a run club, it's challenging to answer questions folks have about upcoming races, meet-ups, logistics, or even just general "Hey how are you!  Can we setup a group run?".