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Auto-flag entire activity when the algorithm excludes 3 or more segments


When I go in to flag an activity for being done in a car, there are always at least 3 or more segments that have automatically been excluded by some algorithm. That algorithm is an excellent feature! Isn't it usually the case though, that if it detects 4, 5, 10 impossible segments, the entire activity is probably impossible? 

Would save a lot of flagging hastle



I agree for the most part.  I wouldn't quite say that it would mean the entire activity is probably bad, but at least a large chunk of it is.  Too add some more explanation as to why it is bad to only partially "auto-flag" an activity is that it is only auto-flagging the segments it finds today and leaving the rest of the activity.  Nothing is being done if a new segment is created at a later date that would include this activity's data file.  New segment results would be missed because the auto-flag would not go back to check old activities.  

If a portion of an activity is detected as improbable or impossible, the activity should be flagged in its entirety and the person can go back and crop out the incorrect potion of the ride (say they left the GPS on while driving home).  That will ensure future segments that are created don't pull up the data file later.

I’m not sure it’s just new segments that are missed. I feel like the detection is very mild and leaves alone a lot of segments that seem less than probable. 
I was also hoping that my suggestion would deal with those. I.e., if enough segments are improbable then the remaining ones should be looked at extra critically :).
But, your solution would work for that too!