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Bug: “Break your record” and “Climb the leaderbord” broken in iOS app


This subscriber feature has been non-working for over two years now; I’m posting it here now in a hope to get some votes and, ultimately, a fix.

Steps: In the iOS app, navigate to tab Maps, sub-tab Segments, and select either “Break your record” or “Climb the leaderboard” item.

The “Break your record” feature is supposed to show segments with a potential to get a new PR. Instead, it only shows a small amount of segments (two in my case) with very outdated “Current PR” and “Projected finish”. When checking back in my running history, these numbers are from September 2021 (actually around the time when I switched from free Strava to subscription), and weren’t updated since then. 

The “Climb the leaderboard” should show where you’re close to get to the Top 10. But, instead of showing my regular segments where I actually am close to Top 10 or QOM, a bunch of random segments is listed, at a quick glance I never ran through a single of them. 

And I think the “Become a legend” feature is broken similarly, also shows a list of random unknown segments and none of those which I usually run through and am just a few runs behind the current LL. 

Please, give these features some love and at least some priority for the fix. Thanks!


Moderator Moderator

Hello @Jana_S 

Thanks for posting about this.  We do have an open bug report on these issues that has been escalated to our Engineering Team.  I don't have an estimated time of resolution, however I will add your comments into that bug report.  

We appreciate you taking the time to mention this and ask for your patience.  Thanks again.  

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team