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Can not see last week activities on my screen

Mt. Kenya

As you can see on the screen below, I can not see last week achievements. I tried to click at date of calendar but can not see any thing. And I can not see monthly tag also. I set all privacy to public already. 

Could you please instruct how to display monthly task?

Thank you.






Mt. Kenya

Hi @Bryant 

Thank you for your instruction.

In fact, we have a club and have a challenge then every week we will summarize the result of our club members, some accounts can not show last week & monthly activities although they set all value to public but not private.

And I followed your instruction that I cleared all cache and cookies but ít did not work. The problem remain unchanged.

Don't understand why.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you.



Moderator Moderator

Hey @thinhpham,

If you're still experiencing this issue, 

Could you please try clearing the cache and cookies from the web browser you are using before navigating back to and logging back into your account? Instructions on how to clear the cache and cookies for various web browsers are listed below:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox [cache instructions | cookie instructions]

Apple Safari

Microsoft Edge

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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