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Can't Edit Routes

Mt. Kenya

Can't edit/move a waypoint on Strava desktop.

OK, I'm trying to move a waypoint to a different road. Well, not a waypoint per se, it's just a route, there are no waypoints at this point. If i click and drag on the route, it updates to the new route -  but then as soon as I release, it jumps back to what it was ... though now with a new waypoint where I grabbed it.

Not the only one reporting this. (On a Macbook Pro, regardless of the browser.)


Mt. Kenya

Seems to be working again.

Not for me. I just tried on Desktop. There is no reliable way to create waypoints in the middle of a route.

Mt. Kenya

I posted the following in the previous site adjust:


For a while, I haven't been able to reliable add waypoints in an existing route by just clicking and dragging the route to another road.

This doesn't seem to work in either mobile or the web.

Am I missing something, is there a magic key combination I have to use when I want to drag an existing route?

This used to work pretty good.

My current workaround is to delete the complete route and then carefully add the waypoints one after the others with the knowledge that I won't be able to add more later.