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Customer Support Issues


As someone that works in HR operations for a SaaS company, I know first-hand the criticality and importance of good customer service. I have been *underwhelmed* to say the least by the lack of customer service support. Whether a user of your free/basic plan or premium plan, you should be providing effective and responsive customer service to all. Otherwise, eventually people will stop using your app altogether.



Strava would benefit from prioritizing customer support and enhancing user experience across both their free and premium services. Given their monetization through ads, retaining users is crucial for Strava maintaining sponsor interest. Adopting an attitude of "only subscriptions are of importance," is a convenient but shortsighted approach that Strava, with its resources, can easily avoid. Competitors offering similar services, often with superior performance, are readily available in the market. @JBW-Florida nailed it--many of us are left wondering where the $80 subscription fee is going.


I'm in rough agreement with @RunnerMama .
Let me tell this little story. This week I noticed that flagged activities appear under "best efforts" (a relatively new feature) on a user's profile page. I thought this surely couldn't be the intended result of management's desire to show a user's best 10K, 50K and so on times on the bike, as flagged efforts are excluded from leaderboards. I made a posting on the forums which I thought would inform the staff of this bug. I got sort of a non-issue response from a moderator @Scout  stating the support team would look at it.

A trouble ticket was opened on my behalf, and then marked as "solved" by the help desk operator (without my approval) with this statement: "At this time, we do not currently have this feature on Strava." Naturally I was miffed as the feature is plainly visible on anybody's profile page. So the help operator was unaware or unwilling to investigate properly. He gets to have another "solved" ticket for his yearly review. Our friend in HR knows what I'm talking about.

Now, I'm going to let the item slide.  But the larger issue remains. It's not a world-class help desk, the software is kind of buggy, and we're left wondering where the $80 per year is going, and who or what is going to replace Strava in coming years.


I'm sure your SaaS company doesn't offer free support for non paying customers and paying customers have some order of magnitudes higher fees than Strava demands. And I don't think "stop using the app" has any impact on Strava. Only subscriptions are of importance.