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Different icon for a paused ride

Mt. Kenya

Dear Strava-Team.

I recently had the issue of not noticing that i forgot to restart my paused roade bike ride, becase i obviously did not tap the "continue" button on my mobile app correctly. And since the small icon at the top edge of the cellphone screen (circle-icon notification) is the same when the app is paused as it is when it's recording i did not figure the status of the mobile app correctly. My fault in the firtst place. 

I think it could be helpful if the icon would point out the different status of the app by showing a differet icon. It already does when "auto pause" is applied. 

Maybe you could find a solution for this rare issue, even if i know most riders record with a different device, but mobile/cell phone, it would be a big help for app recordings.


My best regards,

Daniel aka Yung Ullrich 🌹


Moderator Moderator

Hello @YungUllrich 

Thanks for posting about this. Sorry to hear a portion of your ride wasn't recorded. I know that's frustrating.

Can you confirm you were recording with the Strava Mobile App for Android or IOS? In those cases, you should see a red "stopped" banner or "autopause" banner across the top of the recording screen to alert you the App is not currently recording.  See screenshots below:

















I hope that's helpful information.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Hey Jane.

Thanks for your quick reply. 

Actually i mean somthing different. 

Yes, a user of the app can easily see in what status the app currently is while having it running and opened on display, but i am refering to the status icon wich is shown on the top edge of the screen/display when the app is runnig in the back and the display is turned off except "always on display" functions like the clock and app icons.

The attached screenshot shows the place and the icon itself.


 This particular icon is the same when the app is recording and also when it's manually paused. Only when "auto-pause is applied it becomes a triangle with an exclamation mark in it.

I hope i could explain what i meant more clear now.

Best regards,