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e-bike segment/kom

Mt. Kenya

in my opinion it makes no sense to assign the ranking for those who use an e-bike, e-mtb or other electric bikes (I have an e-mtb). The performance is not 100% of the athlete ...



I tend to agree regarding the value, but it's not hurting anything as long as riders are correctly classifying their ride as E-bike. If there were no E-bike awards, maybe riders would be more inclined to fudge it as a regular ride which would be worse. Again regarding the value of the award, I see your point... after all, where do you draw the line? Not all e-bikes are the same, and eventually the line between e-bike and e-motorcycle will be blurred. But it's more frustrating to see an E-bike ride classified as regular bike. 

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you wrote some very interesting considerations which I agree with. the line may be draw when you are helped by something external (in this case an electric motor). But I'm thinking if you go sailing ... is there a ranking? I have to try