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e-bike segment/kom

Mt. Kenya

in my opinion it makes no sense to assign the ranking for those who use an e-bike, e-mtb or other electric bikes (I have an e-mtb). The performance is not 100% of the athlete ...


Mt. Kenya

It is scandalous that Strava did not make a separate category for E-Bikes, even a simple algorithm is able today to understand what is normal and what is not. If Zwift can make it, Strava can, too. And obviously, any regular cyclist checking his time on climbs on a tour is able to see who did the same on an E-Bike. I will not take a new subscription to Strava as long as they do not create such a category for E-Bikes, they can send me thousands of special offers, I won't because I wanna know my ranking in fair conditions. And the cyclists adding their trips on E-Bikes on Strava should ask the app to create that category for them as well because they are looking for smthg else than the cyclists on muscular bikes, for most of them at least.

@Theben36 - Strava has had a separate category for e-bikes for years.  Lots of people use it and have been using it for a long time.  They are a totally separate activity type with their own segments and leaderboards, totally separate from regular bikes.  Yes, some people still load their e-bike rides as regular rides, but they aren't supposed to and should be flagged if it is noticed.  

how do you enable it to show segment and kom? nothing appears for me when I choose ebike

maybe someone with preminum strava needs to make the segments for the ebike?

@Dan - Yes, someone would have to create the e-bike segment for it to show up.  Same as how people had to create all of the segments you see for regular bikes.  Once someone has created the segment, it will show up when you view the activity just like it does with regular bikes after you have labeled your activity as an e-bike ride.  


I tend to agree regarding the value, but it's not hurting anything as long as riders are correctly classifying their ride as E-bike. If there were no E-bike awards, maybe riders would be more inclined to fudge it as a regular ride which would be worse. Again regarding the value of the award, I see your point... after all, where do you draw the line? Not all e-bikes are the same, and eventually the line between e-bike and e-motorcycle will be blurred. But it's more frustrating to see an E-bike ride classified as regular bike. 

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you wrote some very interesting considerations which I agree with. the line may be draw when you are helped by something external (in this case an electric motor). But I'm thinking if you go sailing ... is there a ranking? I have to try