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Edit a ride after saving

Mt. Kenya

There's been a couple occasions when I wanted to edit my ride route after the ride was complete and there is no ability to do that.  A couple examples:

  1. The GPS tracking gets screwy and the shown route is actually not the route you took.  I'd like to be able to straighten out the screwiness after saving the ride.
  2. I forget to unpause a ride which removes all route info until I resume.  When a ride is resumed, Strava will draw a straight line from where I paused the ride to where I resumed.  I'd like to be able to fix that after completing the ride.


You should allow to edit an activity synched from a different device - or get updates from the source.

As an example, I track an indoor cycling on my Garmin watch which doesn't connect to the bike to get the distance, watts, speed, etc. Garmin allows me to enter these details on the phone app. However the additional information is not synched back to Strava, and I can't add the distance either. If I want to track these details I have to create a second activity and it just messes all the stats.


Hey @danielB !

1) I understand the frustration there. My GPS tracks often get messed up when I'm open water swimming, due to the watch being underwater. For above-water activities, GPS is quite good these days, and if you're ending up with GPS glitches it's probably a device issue rather than strava issue.

So my top advice there is try to solve it from a device standpoint. Many devices have options for which satellite system they use, ping frequency, etc.

Of course I understand your desire to fix the GPS track after the fact, if it does get messed up. I'm slightly doubtful that this would become a feature, because strava depends on the integrity of GPS data. Technically they could definitely create such a tool. It could function the same way as the route builder: you point and click to create a GPS track, but in this case it gets saved as an actual activity rather than a route. If they were to add such a feature, I think they would need to exclude those activities from all segments and achievements to be fair. 

There is a 3rd party tool that allows you to do this:  I haven't ever used this particular tool (I've used one of their other tools to combine two files into one activity), and it does look like it is a fairly intensive process to recreate a GPS track.

2) I hate when I forget to unpause! In one sense, this is similar to the above answer. I don't think strava will let us simply "fix" the missing portion of the GPS track, again because that messes with the data integrity for segments. You could potentially use the above 3rd party tool to fix something like this. I think that would be ethical, so long as you were simply filling in a gap that did not put you on a top 10 segment list. If you're willing to omit the "straight line" portion of your activity and just want to clean up your map, you could split the activity into two parts, and crop out the line. If you frequently forget to unpause a ride, you might consider using the autopause feature if your device has one.

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* Boring activities vary per person.

Similar to, but that’s relying on people filtering their own boring activities. 

My proposal is for me to be able to filter the types of activities I see from the people I follow. 
It’s great you do lunch time walks every day, but I only want to see your rides and runs. Or maybe even filter out rides less than 5km and/or 10kph which is probably a ride with their kids. 

I log boring stuff too, like walks, rides with the kids, Fitness+ workouts, so I can keep track of all my activities, but I don’t think others want to see them so I mark them as private. But I’m forced to see everyone else’s. 

This is trying to keep my feed to the interesting things I want to see. 

Thanks for the heads up @zecanard.

I logged a support ticket on if this was already possible, and got the standard response to submit it as a suggestion. 
Fingers crossed it’ll make it in one day.