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Erroneous Notification Indicator

Mt. Kenya

When I get kudos the notification indicator in the iOS app tells me I've got 3 kudos, but when I go into notifications there will be just the one. Likewise when it says I've got 5 kudos, there may only be 2. Anyone else getting this issue?


Mt. Kenya

This issue still persists.  What doesn’t make sense is that it used to work a few years ago.  Now it seems to “refresh” notifications for activities or kudos I’ve already viewed.  I’ll close the app (iOS) then someone I follow completes a ride or gives me kudos and the notification badge will show (for example) 13 new events.  When I open the app, there will be only one or two new items to review.  😞

Mt. Kenya

Yep, getting notification count of 2 or 3 and only 1 when I check.

Moderator Moderator

@Smthers &  @cryingpumpkin

Thanks for posting and sorry for the hassle. There are some known issues with the badge count showing a different number of pending notifications than what you see when you open the app. Until we have a fix, you should be able to log onto the website to clear out the notifications.


Scout (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

What with this and the recent price increases, I’ve let my Strava subscription lapse - poor show Strava. 

Mt. Kenya

Yup, same here.  Every time I get what should be a single notification, the badge icon in iOS says I have six notifications.

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