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Facebook think's Strava Shares are SPAM

Mt. Kenya

Hi guys! I have an issue, since yesterday, facebook keeps deleting mi sharings from strava, why? I've made reports, now i am wainting for their response.



Mt. Kenya

This has been randomly happening to me too for about a month now. Facebook hardly ever gets back to me 

Mt. Kenya


I just ran into this today.  Still waiting to hear back on the request for review, but It looks like they updated their Spam policy as of June 27th. From what I can see, I suspect that they take issue with the link generated by Strava saying "Follow <name> on Strava to see this activity. Join for free."
Potentially could be seen as running afoul of:

Examples of things we don't allow
Telling people they must like a Page to access content on another site
I will update when I hear back on the review, but not expecting much from Facebook.

I've requested reviews on two of mine now - never heard back from Farcebook on either of them, so don't hold your breath!

I had this one rejected yesterday because of this policy, too.  


There wasn't any text on mine encouraging follows, and whatever I'd written into the FB post was innocuous.

I also asked for a review. No word back yet. 

So frustrating. 

Mt. Kenya

Yep, They've been doing it off and on to me for a few weeks now - no rhyme or reason to it, just every now and then I get a post flagged, I request a review, but even though they say I'll get an update in a couple of days, I never do and the post never returns. I've just had another one flagged today. Incompetent algorithm coders would be my guess. It's the only sort of programmers that Facebook employ these days.


Pff....well....that is not nice 😞