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Fitness and Freshness chart not showing Form properly


The Fitness and Freshness chart has a scale on the left that starts at zero. But if your Fatigue is higher than your Fitness, your Form can go negative. When you view the Form line, it puts the lowest value at zero, even if it's negative. This makes your Form chart line sit higher than it should be. Hovering over the chart shows the correct values




It's not a bug, that is a normal method of displaying more than one line without making the chart vertically huge. If one athlete has a fitness over 200 and a negative form your proposal would lead to expanding the picture to unreadable proportions. 

The chart already adjusts the scale on the left so that it's always the same height. That doesn't explain why the lowest point on the form line above (with a value of -38) is aligned with zero, and the current value of -7 is aligned with 45.

In my example with the bigger difference between fitness and form leaving the y-scale the same height  and separating both graphs would lead to a very flat "curve" for the fitness and form.

Are you saying it's better to show the data wrong as long as it fits in the space available?

The data are not wrong, they're only missing a direct visible explanation what they mean.

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