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Flag dangerous routing

Pico de Orizaba


I understand you use third party services to handle your maps and routing, I just wanted to highlight Strava frequently suggests routes that are dangerous. Strava has the capability to flag segments as dangerous, but not if Strava built routes are.


Here is the route strava suggests I take from Great Cross Hall Street to Hunter Street (Liverpool UK)


This is an illegal turn turning through a busy intersection on a major A road through the city. There is ample bicycle tracks around this area, however Strava routes across 4 lanes of traffic with each lane heading in a different direction.

I understand the map makes it look semi-possible to cross, but due to the lights and the (unsigned) right turn only in the middle, it is not possible.


Here is how google routes it:


and bing (as a car)


Just trying to make our city a little safer. I would appreciate if you could flag this with your map/route providers and consider in-app ways of flagging this information.






Mount Logan

You should do the nessecary turn restriction adjustments in Openstreetmap to prevent this route. Strava will take that over after some time.

I do not understand how to use the software to make the change. 



it looks to me that the turn should be set up correctly (right turn only)