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Gaps in Heatmap


I'm curious to know if this is a known issue, or if there is a resolution to an issue I have observed.  In the heat map, I often see large "gaps" in sections that have been ridden.  It would be useful if the sections were contiguous.  In fact, for some longer tours (such as a cross country tour), the heat map line almost entirely disappears when I zoom out.  I have uploaded two examples of this occurring:

See the Orange lines do not connect?  As you zoom out, they even disappear entirely from the map.See the Orange lines do not connect? As you zoom out, they even disappear entirely from the map.This is what I mean by "gaps" in the heat map aka segmented heatmap.This is what I mean by "gaps" in the heat map aka segmented heatmap.


Mt. Kenya

For me and biking, it's when I get off to walk my bike that I'm not going fast enough for it to record. Usually that's maybe for a block and when I zoom in that's all I see, but when I zoom out the gaps get bigger.

I have done ragbrai (the bike ride across Iowa) several years and it just looks like dots along Iowa when I zoom out.



Hey, are you calling me slow 😉 ??  

actually, you might be on to something… maybe for slower activities, it shows the heat map as gaps. We do a lot of slower stuff (off-road, traversing mud or snow). Perhaps that is the cause. If that is the case, perhaps  @Jane could put in a feature request to lower the minimum speed requirement for inclusion in the heat map. Mountain bike riders can often find themselves going 3mph uphill or even slower if there is mud, 30% grades, or snow. Thanks for your input. 

I think it could be any time you stop, it creates a gap, no matter how small, then the heat map has the need to make sure you see the gap there, and makes it visible even when you zoom out, hence the gap getting bigger.



That's interesting,  I'm not sure what could be causing that but we could access your account and take a look.

Please submit a support ticket and we’ll be happy to investigate further.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Thanks Jane. That page you linked says to click "Submit a Request" at the bottom of the page... however, that option does not exist.  I'd be happy if you could look at my account, however.  For some reason, I figured this "bug" applied to everyone... not just me...

Hi again @fulmar2 

Sorry there was a problem with that page.  You can email us at to create a support ticket.  

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team


Hi fulmar2,

Thanks for posting about this.  Can you clarify if that first screenshot is zoomed in as much as possible?  I'm curious if those gaps disappear when you're completely zoomed in.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Jane - Thanks for the reply.  In the first screen shot, yes, it is zoomed in as much as possible. In many instances, the gaps do not disappear (though on some tracks, they DO disappear).  I cannot discern any difference between tracks where the gaps disappear / don't disappear; I've considered age of track, point density (i.e. older tracks w/fewer timestamps, etc)...

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