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Getting Creative with Strava! 💡

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Hello all 👋

We often see unique and interesting examples of how athletes are using Strava data. It is usually related to segments or clubs, and it gets super creative!

For example, Strava Segments are a fun way to compete against yourself and/or others. We've heard that our community has gotten creative and used segments to power new experiences, games, or competitions within their local networks. 

Have you ever used Strava Segments (or any other Strava feature) differently? If so, tell us how - we would love to know more! 📢


STRAVA | Community Hub Team



caveat: I've never done this, but wouldn't it be cool?

I'm often amazed when I see people who go out of their way to create words and/or designs on a Strava Map.  They could create a segment or route from the spelling/design - so others can use it too!

Great shoutout @CreakyCrank - that is defo one of my favorite ways of showing creativity while recording an activity!

If you haven't seen this before, check out this post about a Strava athlete that is drawing a monthly GPS image since 2015: This athlete's Strava art is seriously impressive! 😎

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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