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Give user option to show Elapsed Time (not Race)


I know this is a frequently requested feature from many users. Not sure why Strava hasn't rolled this out as a option under Preferences |  ☑️ Show Elapsed Time in All Activity

I regularly post photos with workout stats on Facebook and the exhausting steps I take to getting the Elapsed Time stats onto the images: Edit Activity | change Type of Activity from None to Race | Save | share Photos to my Gmail and repeat. Once I'm done, return to Edit Activity | change Type of Activity from Race to None | Save.

I prefer to show the total time it has taken me to complete my Trail Run, Ride or Swim.




Pico de Orizaba

I'm not sure about you but there's always a huge discrepancy between time and elapsed time for me when there's elevation involved. Hiking mountains will be hours of difference because I'm moving too slowly forward (because I'm going up) for pace to be picked up.

The left screenshot from Garmin by default shows elapsed time while on the right is Strava showing the same but only when activity set to "Race". I don't see the point of showing 2:29:39 Moving Time when it took 3:15:20 to complete the activity.


I never really paid attention to that, I guess it depends what you do. Most of my runs are maybe a seconds lost waiting to cross roads but when I check my 3hour 18 min run, the moving time is 3 hour 15. I made a phone call in the middle, stopped to take pics, got stuck behind tourists etc so would've expected a bigger difference but it's a good point, it should be our choice.


Pico de Orizaba

Agreed! Mine is the same.

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