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Goal-oriented mileage widget removes ebike mileage


I'm a subscriber who rides an ebike as well as a regular bike. 2 days ago my total mileage included both types of ride. Today, I see only the mileage for the regular bike, which is substantially less than my ebike total. Because I can't set a goal for my ebike rides (i.e. Strava doesn't let me), I use the total mileage to help me keep track of where I am with my personal goals. If Strava is going to make that widget to be only goal-oriented then they need to add another that is total mileage regardless of the bike type. So much for being an all-inclusive company!



Hi Jane,

First off, I was clearly annoyed when I wrote that post so I want to apologize for the tone and the "...inclusive" comment.  I should have paused before writing.
I followed the instructions you sent on setting up goals in the app for the ebike and other activities.  This is great except I rely on the website more than the app and the ebike goal does not appear on the website dashboard.  I mostly use the app for the immediate post-ride review and use a Garmin device for recording the ride. This is what I see on the website right now:
Strava goals widget 20230929.jpg

I've ridden 3,557 miles on my ebike this year and up until a few days ago this mileage was included in this widget.  I know I can view My Stats on my personal subscriber webpage but that takes me away from the main page.  Also, that 20.4 mile ride was from Thursday but there is no longer a vertical bar to reflect that.

Would it be possible to create a website (and app) widget to show total weekly, monthly, and annual goals where I get to choose which activities are contributing to those goals?  That way I can create a total annual goal which could include any biking (or other) activity all working towards that goal.  
Again, apologies for the original post.  I really do appreciate all that Strava does for me!


Moderator Moderator

Hello @dosullivan 

Thanks for posting about this.  Can you let us know if you're seeing this on the Web or the Strava Mobile App?

Also, I wanted to let you know that if you're a Strava Subscriber, you can set a goal for any activity type, including E-bike.  See details on that here.


Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team