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Goal setting on desktop bug - doesn't change back from miles -> hours and vice versa

Pico de Orizaba

How to reproduce:

  1. Edit running goal to be some number of hours per week (e.g 50)
  2. Save it
  3. Edit running goal to be that same number of miles per week (50)

Result: it says set to hours. You have to change the numeric value in order for it to change to a different goal type (miles -> hours, hours -> miles)


Moderator Moderator

Hey @stephen,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
I will investigate this situation and bring this up to my team.
If I have any updates, I'll be sure to come back to this post. 
Lastly, if you find anything else such as this please continue to let us know. It will only help my Strava better.

Again thank you so much!

STRAVA | Community Hub Team