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How to stop getting emails when commenting on others activities

Mt. Kenya

Copied this from previous post where no solution was given. I am having same problem and DO NOT want to get emails every time someone else comments on the same activity I have commented on. Strava: please fix your problem with this!!!

Every time I comment on a notable activity (such as a race) of another Strava user, my email inbox get flooded with comments from other users on the same activity, most of whom I don't know and completely uninterested in their comments. Most of these comments are simple congratulations.

Is there any way to stop that? I have already unchecked a corresponding option for a push notification, but I still get emails. For example, after yesterday's race, in which I also participated, I received at least 20 such emails about someone who I don't know commenting on another person's race. 

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E-mail notifications seem to be much more fine-grained on Strava desktop than through the app. Visit and you can enable/disable specific notifications. I believe the one you want to uncheck is:

"Whenever someone comments on my post or replies to my comment on a post"

Yes, I have gone the strava on the desktop and unchecked "whenever someone comments on my post or replies to my comment on a post" and I still get the emails. It is very frustrating because I do not want those emails.