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How to stop rides being duplicated?

Mt. Kenya

After each ride my Garmin Edge automatically uploads the ride to my Strava account where I add a couple of photos, edit the title, add some notes; all done via a web browser. Then later a duplicate of the ride appears on my account with a generic name (e.g.morning ride). Both rides are under my name. It appears I am a member of a Group (consisting of me and..., well,  me). I select Leave Group but after my next ride I have to go through the process once again. How did I start a Group? How did I join my own Group? More importantly, how can I prevent further duplication? Thank you. 


Mt. Kenya

Thanks for the tip, Jan and Jane. This is what's happening, I suspect. I get duplicates recorded in Strava after each ride: one from my Peloton Bike+ and the other from my Apple Watch. How do I stop the watch recording? TIA.

Hi @Dramagirl 

Are you using the Apple Watch to record your heart rate data when you use your Peloton bike?  If so, I would recommend pairing your Apple watch with your Peloton bike.

Instructions here

Once you do that, your heart rate data will be captured by Peloton and uploaded to Strava as a single stream of data.  

If you're still getting duplicates after that, please submit a support ticket and someone from our Support Team will troubleshoot with you.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Thanks for the feedback!

My Apple Watch has been paired since I started using my Peloton Bike+ over 2 years ago. Since joining Strava, I'm getting the stream of data from Peloton for the ride and one from my watch for the same ride in the Activities stream.  Here's an example of what I mean:



I don't want to have to keep deleting one from the Activities stream each time. If it persists in the next day or so, I'll submit a ticket. 

Hello @Dramagirl and @dplangley21 

It sounds like you have your Apple Watch connected to your Peloton bike, and are seeing your heart rate data in your Peloton activity on Strava.  To avoid seeing the duplicate activity (uploaded from the Apple Watch) on Strava, I would recommend not recording the ride on your Apple Watch.  If you prefer to do this, the workaround is to simply delete the duplicate ride activity (recorded by the Apple Watch) from your Strava account.

If you are recording the ride with Apple Watch so the data will sync to Apple Health, Peloton does provide a way to sync Peloton data directly to Apple Health.  Visit this link to find out more

I hope that's helpful.


Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Hi @Jane,

I am having the duplication issue as well when connecting my Apple watch to Peloton to record heart rate. It then appears to be syncing two rides to Strava. One from Peloton and one from my watch. Has this been resolved, or is there something I can do on my side?

Thanks, David

Moderator Moderator

Hello @mvallance1234 

Were you able to resolve this issue?  As @Jan_Mantau  mentioned, a common reason for duplicate activities is if you're recording with two devices, for example a Garmin device plus a WearOS watch or an Apple Watch.

Let us know if you still need any help.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team


Please check if there's another device (like a watch) that records the same activities or if there's an addional service connected to your Garmin account that takes the activities and uploads them to Strava. In the duplicated activity you should see the device it was recorded with.

Maybe it is the App on my iPhone. I will check. Thank you. 

Strava used to seem to have this figured out though which is part of what's frustrating. I have an everyday GPS watch that I like to wear for tracking steps, going for walks, sleep, etc. I have another watch that I like to use for runs because it is more accurate, but less comfortable. I wear both for activities so that I have a backup, and to get the steps on the watch for the platform that houses most of my everyday data. What used to happen was after a run I'd upload from the more accurate watch, then later in the week if I synced my everyday watch's sleep, walks, etc Strava seemed to recognize duplicate activities and wouldn't log it. Now it does though and I need to be careful to delete it everytime which while minor, is still a bit of an inconvenience considering how it used to work.