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I don't get the new Strava Waypoints feature.


It adds a waypoint every time I click on the map. But if I plan a route on a complicated trail network and want to get the route exactly the way I want I need to click on the map a lot. That isn't different from how the route planning worked before. But now it inserts waypoint at every point I clicked at the map. But what's next? 

- I can't rename those waypoints. Names don't stick.

- I can't remove those waypoints because that triggers the reroute. That's not what I want. 

- Waypoints don't propagate to Garmin. That was the main feature I expected.

Basically, these are not true waypoints. They are more like anchor points that Strava calls waypoints. Waypoint is what I want to be notified about during notification. For example Garmin devices allow tracking distance remaining or ETA to the next waypoint. That's not what Strava provides with this update. In fact, as I can tell nothing has really changed other than entering a point by searching for it on the map.



Hey @Silentvoyager thanks for all the feedback on this! Really appreciate it! You are correct that the first version of these waypoints function more like control points than garmin waypoints / coursepoints. BUT, we're actually working on all of the features you've requested and will ship them soon. 
- Waypoint names will begin sticking sometime in July 
- Waypoint sync to garmin is planned work for late this summer. 
We'll let you know when this stuff is launched! Main point: we hear you, we agree with you, and we're working on everything you've requested!! Thanks for taking the time to write all of this out!

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Hey @Silentvoyager thanks for all this additional detail! We've been thinking a lot about exactly what you're discussing. Another way to say it is, every "course point" is a waypoint, but not every waypoint is a "course point." We are building the feature to account for this. 

Only the waypoints that you indicate (imagine a "send to device" toggle or check box) will be sent to your Garmin as "course points" that appear in the "up ahead menu." 

Thanks also for mentioning the course points that are on both the out and the back sections of a route. This is definitely not an easy problem to solve because there are two strings of GPS data that sit on top of one another but are separate. We can do some thinking about that as we build the nitty gritty parts of the feature. 

Really appreciate your thorough responses. The feature is on it's way! 

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Mt. Kenya

Is there any way to turn this feature off? It is driving me absolutely crazy.

Hi - thanks for writing in and sorry for the frustrating experience. I'm not sure I understand what you mean. In order for custom waypoints to flow through to your device, you have to create the custom waypoints. If you'd prefer the waypoints don't go to your device, simply create a route which contains no custom waypoints. Am I misunderstanding the nature of the issue?


Hey @Silentvoyager @Atoz @sebastianlee thanks for your patience on this feature. Custom waypoints are now available for you to try. Click any waypoint, customize it, it will be visible on the web route page and will sync to Garmin connect if you use garmin devices. Please give the feature a try and let us know what you think. We'll be improving it and would love to incorporate your feedback. Happy route building. 

Custom Waypoints Graphic .png

thanks for the update @nicky ! i just tried this on my Wahoo but it doesn't seem to be working there. is this a Garmin-only feature at the moment?

Yes thanks for checking in on that. We are working to expand to more devices but I don't have an exact timeline for that. Coming soon! Sorry to have you wait longer!

Thanks! I saw this new feature was mentioned on DesFit YouTube channel who is a fairly prominent YouTuber who often collaborates with DC Rainmaker. Great job!

The video is here:

Somehow I didn't receive notification about this post; otherwise I'd have tried it earlier. 

We were happy to see that video! Let us know what you think of the experience! 

Hi Nicky, I passed my feedback onto Ben in support but have just finished my tour of Italy (as you will be able to see) and must say that this new feature was incredibly useful. Still feels a little hidden given how useful it is but that might just be down to the value I place on it. Thank you to you and the team for your continued hard work.

AWESOME! So glad to hear it. The feature has come a long way since your original post in June, so I'm really glad we got it to a point where it can be useful for your adventures. Really appreciate you writing in. As always please feel free to pass along any more feedback whenever you have it.