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I have changed age group but Strava does not recognise it

Mt. Kenya

Hi there,  I just realised that I turned 65 last October, but none of my efforts show up when I filter by the 65 - 74 age group.  On a ride I did at the weekend, all segments that I am shown as having completed show me as placing "-/123" (for example) in the 65-69 age group and I do not appear in the full filtered listing.  I have double checked that the correct d.o.b is entered on my settings.

The same is true for other rides I have completed since my birthday, well those I have checked.


Mt. Kenya

Well I tend not to beat my PR from when I was in the 55 - 64 age group.  But on a segment I rode for the first time when I was 65, the effort shows up in the listing for 55-64.


Do you appear in the unfiltered list or in any of the other age groups?

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