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Inaccurately increased my pace by ~5 minutes.

Mt. Kenya


 I ran 18 miles (though I suspect it was actually 17). You can see that my pace on mile 3 & 4 are significantly faster, at 7:33 and 8:36, when it should be roughly 12 minutes per mile. It also added a full mile - the trail I run uses trail markers, and Strava was saying I was at mile 3 when I passed the 2 mile marker. I ran out to the 8 mile marker and back, only to find myself at a little over 17 miles??? (I ran a little extra to hit 18 miles).


i don’t want to delete an 18 mile run like this, but this has essentially ruined my PRs and any chance for me to get one. I feel like a fraud leaving it up. Can someone fix this?



How does your GPS track look? Are there aberrations, especially in the faster measured laps?

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