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iPhone 8 Low Power Mode Notfications

Mt. Kenya

My wife (65) has an iPhone 8 with 98% battery, it's quite new, but it runs out on long runs so she is trying low power mode that I setup. This allows her to stream a radio station and strava to keep going in excess of 6 hours (she needs that when she tries a marathon). 

The announcement comes through starting run, but there is no kilometer announcements so she doesn't know how far she has run. If I take it out of low power mode, the announcements are back.

I have looked at the iPhone notifications settings and they are all on for strava and have looked at the in-app settings and they also say the notifications are on.

My question is simple: Is there some way I can ensure the kilometer announcements remain on when the phone is put into, or goes into, low power mode?

Thanks for any help.



Moderator Moderator

Hello @X3 

Thanks for posting.  I'm not aware of any way to do this.  Low power mode works by prioritizing certain functions over others, so using it may result in degraded performance or less features.  

One workaround may be to look at getting an ultra slim power pack to use with the phone, and avoid using lower power mode.  

Sorry I can't be of more assistance.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Hi Jane,


Thank you for getting back. We have tried low power mode and Strava said starting run. It wasn't announcing the KMs, but then it started announcing the Kms so we have no idea what's going on. Power save mode is supposed to stop background apps and push notifications, but I don't think these notifications are technically like 'push' notiications (as in phone calls which are not). I managed to get onto apple tech spt, the guy was a bit vague and didn't know whether the Km announcement was a push notification, but said if it was like an imessage notification it should work. It's difficult because all of the virtual competitions my wife is going in (things like the virtual New York Marathon, the virtual Hawaii Marathon etc) require a phone that tracks with strava for the full distance, hence power save mode.


Thanks for getting back.


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