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Karts/ racing

Mt. Kenya

Good afternoon,

I am trying to use my Garmin 55 watch for track every lap on a karts race. I always forgot to press the "back buttom", so I end up always with the wrong paces and distances.

Is there any feature that allows the Garmin to record the lap every time I pass the starting/same point?

Cheers guys, appreciate your response.



You could try to set your Garmin to "auto lap" and have it set for "by location".  This should get it to automatically create a lap every time you go past the start point.  This can be problematic sometimes if the course loops close to that point along the way though, so may or may not work well depending on the course layout. 

Also, I don't think there is any activity in strava to use for kart racing, so it isn't something you can load to Strava specifically at this time. 

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