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[KNOWN ISSUE] Problems creating Routes



We're aware of a technical issue that may impact some Athletes who are trying to create longer routes.

Sincere apologies for this issue.  Our Team is working on a fix, and we will update this thread when we have more information. We appreciate your patience.


just tried to create a route for tomorrow in the app and it can no longer create routes. 
Does anyone know how to do this now?


Mt. Kenya

Hi @Jane. Still waiting patiently. The random route generator is a key feature and a major motivation for me. I so enjoy running different routes at any time and at any place, I really was happy with it. I face the same things which are described here in the thread. Fun fact, I live in an area with flat in southeast, hilly in northwest. I use the German language in the app, I dont know the original name of choosing hills. Anyway, always when I choose the route suggestion to have elevation inside, I am directed into the flat land. Nonsiggestions for my local hills area. I am thrown back years as I have to manually create routes again, like many many years ago. So I am waiting patiently to have the feature back. For me ist is a subscriber key feature, if routes do not perform again, I dont need the subscription. 
Still waiting patiently.



Mt. Kenya

route creating platform still not working. c'mon guys. its friday and were paying premium for this. get it together.

I don't think they care - it's been a while and multiple app updates made


In my region (Belgium) it looks a lot better! Sort of back to the old days 🙏🙌

Can you guys confirm? 

It's still broken for me. It no longer generates routes everywhere. It just shoes me 3 prefabricated ones starting at my position and several others starting elsewhere (= useless) and none of them matches the parameters I specified. This is just so bad.

Same for me too, get three route and no way to re-search for more. 


Any update on this? I will cancel my subscription if this doesn't get fixed. Ridiculous to remove such an essential feature. 

Partial fix. The routes it now generates are a bit random. Distances can be strange and doesn’t seem to look at hilly vs flat. 

So getting better but still broken

Just tested it. 100% what Wurfy said. A little better but still not what it used to be….


I would also like a button to generate 3 new options. With the old planner there was a workaround by switching back and forth between segments and routes.

So strange that you brake something that worked really great. Maybe a different service provider that was cheaper? Can’t think of any other reason.