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KOM and QOM on downhill segments

Mt. Kenya

Dear Strava Governing Body:

So a cycling friend, Georgeta Ungureanu, was recently awarded a QOM on a 4.28 mile downhill segment within the Joshua Tree Park Monument entitled “Wow! SLOW DOWN! The speed limit is 35 MPH!” beating the second place finisher by an amazing 36 seconds! This was a great ride for her but it doesn’t appear appropriate that this downhill segment should be categorized/named  as a Queen of the Mountain when she was in fact cycling downhill (-3.3% elevation drop) as opposed to climbing up a mountain.  THIS BEGS THE QUESTION: Has the Strava governing group ever considered awarding during fast downhill segments a special status by a different name such as “Queen of the Valley” (QOV) or Queen of the Downhill (QOD)?