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KOM/QOM on walks?!?!


Is there a way to turn off segments and kom/qom when doing walks? I think it’s ridiculous to track speed when just walking.





It is not "ridiculous" to track speed when "just" walking. I am doing power or race walking and - of course - I track my speed and use STRAVA segments.

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Community Manager

Hi @triathlete do you mind clarifying what kind of notifications you're referring to? Where do these notifications appear, during the recording of the activity or in the Activity Details Page, afterwards? Live segments only appear for rides and runs, no other Sport Types will show you your live segment progress at this time. If you don't want to opt into the public segment leaderboards, you can switch your activity's privacy controls to "Followers" or "Only Me".

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

  1. 4AAE8637-9C8F-4F9F-B267-D0ABA53C6BA2.jpegD75D99CD-E16B-4357-8A08-E1BB10039360.jpegI didn't mean notifications, I just don't want to see them at all on my analysis after a walk. I'm not walking for speed, and even having a KOM or segment timings for a WALK is stupid. This goes for achievements as well.

    Does strava have a "privacy by activity type" option? If not, I'm not going to hide everything because of my walks annoyance.
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