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Mt. Kenya

We would like to inform you that Strava's Korean support will end on August 1st. After this date, the default language for web and mobile apps will be set to English.

You do not have to do anything to continue using Strava. Please refer to this document to change to another supported language.

Our global community is what makes Strava so special. We will do our best to support Korean again in the future.

Please follow this link for more information, and if you need help with this change, we'll do our best to help.

– Strava Team Dream

Chinese and Japanese services are available, but not Korean.
are unequal


Mt. Kenya



Moderator Moderator


Thanks for writing in and for being part of the Strava community. As a global company, Strava is subject to laws and other requirements which may have an impact on community members across the globe. At times, this restricts our ability to offer the full range of product offerings that our community members may want or need. For this reason, we’re unable to continue to support the Korean language at this time.

Our global community is at the heart of what makes Strava so special. While we do not have plans to add the language back at this time, we hope to be able to provide Korean language support in the future.
Please note, the Strava mobile and web applications will remain accessible to those in Korea—Strava is not discontinuing services in Korea. You will continue to have access and be able to use Strava the same way you have been, except that the mobile and web applications will no longer be displayed in the Korean language starting August 1st.

Although the actual Strava interface will no longer be displayed in Korean, any space within the Strava app that allows users to enter their own free form text (like activity titles, descriptions, and comments) will still support your language.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Dear Jane,

I don't understand your explain of "this reason". hahaha

How about  laws and other requirements?

In Strava community, Doesn't Korean have no more roles or royalty?

Or Korean members has no more paid for a paid service?

I wonder how many paid users are in Korea and Japan.


Andrew (Ghost of bikeholic)


I heard your explanation about the suspension of Korean service, but I don't understand it well. What is the specific reason? Is it because there are few paying users?
Or is it because there are regulations in Korea that Strava cannot abide by? Or is it because it is difficult to display Korean?
Korean cyclists like me are disappointed with strava's decision and are canceling their paid subscriptions in opposition. Is there any way to clear the misunderstanding between Strava and its users and suggest a good way to solve this problem?


Dear Mr. Michael Horvath and Strava Team

People around me say they got an embarrassed email from the Strava team.
It was said that Strava no longer supports Hangeul (Korean).

What is true?

I wonder why you made this decision.