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Merging rides

Mt. Kenya

I recently attempted a 100k ride, but my watch died in the middle, and I restarted the app on my phone to finish. Is there a way to merge the rides so I can call it a true 100k ride?


Mt. Kenya

Just submitted the idea for providing a user friendly way of combining activities.

Please vote.


I mean yes GOTOES exists, but wouldn't it be nice to be able to do this in Strava itself? Might cut down on a bit of feed spam as well.

Many times I would like to merge activities, but it's an awful faff to do this via a third party if you are out and about.

Oh, I concur - it would be great to combine directly in Strava.  @willz - have you put this in the Feature Suggestions, then we could all vote for it?   


Hey @ccnftubadave, I had something similar happen to me recently, where my garmin watch decided to reboot mid-run.  It did save the first bit, but then when it came back to life, I had to start a new run.  I didn't want to have 2 separate activities - so I used an online tool [GOTOES utilities for Strava] that was able to merge the two files together (the tile on the site that says 'combine/repair'). 

You'll need to get the FIT/GPX/TCX file(s) in order to merge them (if you have already synchronized with Strava, you can download the two files from Strava to then upload+merge on the GOTOES site.  Once you upload them and merge, you will get a single (merged) file that you can then upload back to Strava. (you'll likely have to delete the two activities from Strava before you re-upload though, it will see as duplicate otherwise - so keep the two original files saved just in case).

Good luck!



Yes, there is.  Here is a link to the post that describes the process: Merge or Combine Activities – Strava Support


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