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My route disappears in iOS app when mobile/cell signal is lost

Mt. Kenya

I am using the iOS Strava app.

If a use a downloaded route map from my saved maps and start the route, I see the orange route line on my map… until I lose cell/mobile internet reception and then the orange route line disappears completely.

As soon as signal is restored it comes back.

Note that this is a downloaded route so I would expect the route data to be available without any internet connection.

I think this is a relatively recent regression as a year ago I never used to have this issue.

As a workaround if I hide the current activity and view the route in Maps > Saved > Saved routes, I DO see the orange route line and my position on it, even with no mobile reception. 

This is currently a huge frustration. Im not sure whether this is a general issue or perhaps unique to some issue with my device, so if there is any way to fix it then I’d love to know.


Moderator Moderator

👋Thanks for bringing this up and sorry for the trouble. We are aware of this issue and it's been escalated to our Engineering team for investigation. Unfortunately, at this time I am unable to provide an expected resolution time frame. However, we will certainly do our best to address this issue as quickly as we can. We appreciate your patience in the meantime. 

Scout (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

I have the exact same problem too

Mt. Kenya

I am facing exactly the same issue, when offline or in airplane mode the orange route disappears even if the itinerary is already downloaded (off-line mode). This makes no sense as it completely blocks using the app without mobile data in order to save battery hence the app becomes not usable for long routes…

please help how to fix this.

Mt. Kenya

I also experience the same bug, and use the same workaround by going back to "my routes" in order to see the orange route. This has been a huge issue as I continuously miss turns while gravel riding and have to stop 10+ times over the course of a ride to course-correct. I have almost crashed numerous times as a result.

Mt. Kenya

I have the same question, and it is, as you point out very frustrating to lose the display of the downloaded map.


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