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No Elevation Gain from Treadmill shows up...

Mt. Kenya

Hi there hope you can help me out,


i use a nordictrack incline treadmill (xi7)  for my special keyunits like hiking intervalls or hike /run intervalls and stuff like that. Everything was fine since 2 weeks. I uploaded the tcx.file like weeks and months before but now... no elevation is showing up in my workouts. 


On Ifit its the 3rd party where i get the tcx file from everything is fine. And also on trainingspeaks the elevation shows up when i upload it. Only on Strava no elevation anymore...

I opend severall time a ticket but since yet no solution ;(

I uploaded pictures from everything. 



Ifit : the 3rd party app treadmill /elevation shows upIfit : the 3rd party app treadmill /elevation shows upTrainingspeaks:  for my coach / elevation shows upTrainingspeaks: for my coach / elevation shows upStrava : No ElevationStrava : No Elevation



Hey guys,

same issue here. Since ages I'm iporting my workouts from my Nordic Track incline trainer via tcx-files to Strava (I don't flag them as treadmill workout). Until July 20th everything was still fine and the elevation data was shown for the activity.

On July 21st I did another workout and imported the tcx-file as usual but it doesn't show the elevation data.

There must have been an update on your system from 20th to 21st of July. Many others are reporting this issue.

Unfortunatly your support team stopped replying on my request so I'm trying to get help here.
I would really appreciate your help as I'm doing many workout on the inlince trainer and need the data in strava.
All other platforms (Garmin, Training Peaks) are working with the exported files and show the correct data.

Thank you in advance!



same thing here, tried both ways, the automatic sync and the manual upload with the 2 option file extensions from iFit, no elevation shows.


plus the default art that iFit post with their workouts is not showing too


this started to happen to me 2 weeks ago I believe 


so many resets and restarts 

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