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No steps recording

Mt. Kenya

Hi..the last two morning walks I have done the steps have not recorded. This is the first time this has happened & nothing has changed on my iPhone. I can see the advice is to link the Strava app with health dater so it can record the steps taken but I have never had to do that process before today.Has anyone else had this issue just suddenly start on their iPhone ?

Thanks Louisa





Mt. Kenya

I have the same issue. I use my iPhone to track my steps and it is pretty accurate. (I have compared it with a friends Fitbit watch). However recently noticed it is not showing my steps information. I have even connected it to the health app (which I have never needed to do before) and still nothing.

I have followed their guide and still nothing.
I have used Strava for about a year never had an issue. On my older iPhone 6s I had removed the health app and only had the Strava app, it was recording my steps just perfectly. I never had to turn on background refresh ON either. However now it asks for it to be switched on.

I guess if they don’t address this I will just switch to another app.

Such a shame. It’s a brilliant app.