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Not all activities show on heatmaps

Mt. Kenya

I am using the heatmaps a lot for routeplannnig and I take great joy in seeing where I have been previously.

Unfortunaly after the last update many of the activties have disappeared. It seems like water activities like kayaking are the most broken function right now. They can only be seen via the webbrowser heatmap and I can only see those I did a few years back not the recent ones.

Could you please also a add selection box in routing and in the app, so that you can see all activty types at the same time. If it would be colour coded after activty type, it would be cool bonus.


Mt. Kenya

Me too. 😤 Bring back water activities on Strava heat map!

Mt. Kenya

Come on Strava. Heat map on water is not showing,- please fix😅

Mt. Kenya

Me too - kayaking has entirely disappeared from heatmap

Mt. Kenya

Hi, this problem is huge, "All sports" ticked and no tracks shown. The heat-map is one of the rather few functions that I am willing to pay for and now my kayaking activities are not shown.

Mt. Kenya

Mine is the same, I use my heatmap a lot for kayaking and it seems to no longer show kayak activities.

the same here. I use strava (paid version) for kayaking and all my activities disappeared from heat map. I hope it gets fixed, otherwise time to move on

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