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Not getting Qoms I've earned


 Hello fellow sport-enthusiasts, I've started cycling three years ago and discovered Qoms. I love chasing qoms and gathered about 2000 of them in the those three years.
Now *every* ride when I earn Qoms about half of them do not show up in my Qom results.
When I go on my PC to a specific segemnt on which I am the Qom I do not get it, even if my time is much lesser than the current Qom.
What I have tried so far:
- refresh results (both on the ride and on the segment page)
- wait 14 days for Strava magic to happen
- label my ride as a 'canoe-trip', refresh and turn it back to a bicycle ride and refresh
- smacked my keyboard hard to my desk

All of this does not work.
I emailed Strava and they could not help me. Just told me the 'canoe-trip-trick'.
Who has a brilliant idea?
(I have added some examples for clarification and OF COURSE my rides are 'public')

Schermafbeelding 2024-02-05 140135.pngSchermafbeelding 2024-02-05 140056.png



Problem is not solved, but with customer support we managed to determine that this is a Strava-error and NOT a privacy-settings issue. Strava promised to 'work on it'.

Hi QOM-addict - Congratulations on your achievements.  I have also become somewhat addicted to chasing KOMs - in my case the key is to find soft targets that not many people have noticed !  In a small minority of cases I find I have beaten the time of the KOM-holder, and have been flagged with the CR, but the old KOM-holder has kept the title.  To my understanding, the only way I could have the CR but not the KOM is if I have not declared my gender as male, however, I have declared as male (and I have many KOMs).  The issue only happens in a small minority of Segments but I don't see any pattern that might explain it.

Below is an example, where I did a time of 39s to get the CR but someone else has the KOM at 43s.  Below is the leaderboard filtered to only show men, with me at the top (so why no KOM ?).

I share this experience in case any of these anomalies are related to your issues.



Hi Ian, thanks for sharing. Meanwhiele I have been communicating with the Strava helpdesk and we found out this is a Strava-error. They are working on it. Somehow the results are not being refreshed. When they manually refresh the segment, the Kom/Qom will be rewarded to the right person.
As an end-user you are not capable to refresh the results yourself.
For the time-being I can list all my 'wrong segment results' and they will manually make them right.
This untill they have found a solution.
So, there is nothing YOU can do about it.

Thanks for the feedback.  It seems I should make a note of the Segments that don't seem to have refreshed properly and pass it to the Strava helpdesk.

Moderator Moderator

Hello @Qom-addict 

Thanks for the reply.  I've escalated this post to Strava Support.  A Support Analyst will be in touch with you soon to troubleshoot.  Thanks for your patience.  

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team


Thank you Jane, I appreciate your effort to help me solve this. But as mentioned: of course my rides are public. (So, set to 'everyone').
So that is not a solution.
And also: my time and ride DO appear on the leaderboards, I just do not get the Qom.
Please see this screenshot of the segment 'Hoogseweg Pijnacker uit'. I do have the Qom-time, I am mentioned on the leaderboard, I just do net get the Qom.

Schermafbeelding 2024-02-05 214956.pngSchermafbeelding 2024-02-05 140056.png
And I have 2000 Qoms meanwhile and ride almost every day, so the basic concept of leaderboards and uploading rides is very very very very clear to me 😉


Moderator Moderator

Hello @Qom-addict 

Thanks for posting about this.  I recommend checking your activity's privacy control, as this can impact whether or not your time appears on segment leaderboards.

 In order to appear on public segment leaderboards, you must adjust the activity's privacy control to "Everyone". You have the option to adjust this setting on an individual activity or for all new activities by default. The default setting does not retroactively change the privacy control on past activities.

Adjust an individual activity's privacy control:

You can change these settings for an individual activity on the upload or edit screen:

  • Web: Go to the Activity > Edit (pencil icon) > Privacy Controls > Select Everyone*
  • iOS/Android: Go to the Activity > Edit > Privacy Controls > Select Everyone*

Adjust your default preference for new uploads:

This setting will automatically set the privacy control for all new uploads. Adjustments made to this setting will not apply to past activities.

To change your default activity settings for all future uploads:

  • Web: Settings > Privacy Controls > Activities > Select Everyone*
  • iOS: More > Settings > Privacy Controls > Activities > Select Everyone*
  • Android: Menu button > Settings > Privacy Controls > Activities > Select Everyone*

*Keep in mind that the details associated with activities set to "Everyone" will be visible to other athletes on Strava.

​We encourage you to review your privacy controls and make the best selections for you. If you have any questions about how these settings work, please let me know and I'll be happy to help. ​

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team