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Option to allow synchronization of "hazardous" Strava Live Segments to Polar/garmin etc


So, my main sport is mountainbike enduro racing and some XC riding. The decisions to block segments with a -0,25% slope removes 98% of the segments i want to ride and it includes both XC & enduro trails. I would like the option to sync those segments on my own risk to my polar watch so i can use the Live segments function. The only thing a want out of it is to see the final time when i have finished my run.

Those segments are dangerous with rocks and trees so when strava decides to remove those segments for me it does nothing for my safety, 

One of the most popular XC trail nearby is claimed as hazardous because it has 2-3 50meter slopes on a 6km mostly flat trail, and it is a mess to send a "false hazardous flag" all the time


Mt. Kenya

I am cancelling my strava premium because of this. Enduro riding is all "hazardous", with or without Strava.. 


Hello, we appreciate your post and are grateful for the detailed context you provided. We take our athlete’s security and safety very seriously. As you’re aware, we do not sync downhill segments to devices for Strava Live Segments at this time. This isn’t something we’re actively considering rolling back or revisiting. However, we are interested in collecting your feedback, thoughts, and relevant examples and encourage you to share them with us. I’ve moved this post to the discussion board and would like to add that while our team reads all inquiries, we generally don’t speak to the direction of the product or policy, nor reasoning for product or policy decisions. Thanks once again.

I have been thinking some more... 🙂 The issues is that you have made a decision on segments for all sports but they are way different so maybe if we could separate it? What if you could categorise the segments depending on the disiplince? Separate road, mtb and downhill segments and include different ways to claim if it is hazardous? For ex remove the -0,25% rule on the segments that are for mtb and downhill?

It does absolutely nothing for my "security and safety" since im gonna ride it with or without Strava. You have all the functions I need except for that one

I think you could hit a bigger market if you make it accessible for mountainbikers but right now i have been telling a few people that they should not buy it since it does not work as advertised. Right now it is only working for "roadies" and apparently you cant fall on a straight road looking at your watch... Do you block it when riding in groups aswell since it can distract the cyclist and cause a crash? Why dont you block it when there is tight corners? If you think about peoples safety then you should remove the function or just not sync the segments that are flagged as dangerous.. Not block them by the -0.25% rule

I think you should consider atleast to give us an option to sync it.. Hide it somewhere deep so only the nerd find it or those who ask for it, then tell them is all on their own responsibility (which it is no matter what here in sweden atleast)