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Hi All and Strava 

I know there used to be an association between Strava and parkrun. But regardless of the reason for that ending parkrun is a great force for good and encourages people to exercise. 

My feature request is to have a runtype category of 'parkrun' much like there is one for 'race'  



@SiAdams Can you please explain what is a parkrun and why you think it should be a category?

@VikK I like that idea, but I don't think one can search all of strava based on activity title or tags. In fact, activities don't have tags, do they? That makes me wonder... being able to add tags to activities could be an interesting addition. But then again, it could be an unnecessary complication too.  

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I vaguely remember that to tag you just put it in the description bit, not quite the same but it works. The search has improved recently, you can search on keywords. On the mobile app you can even filter by distance now which is very cool if you want to check this years 5k or 10k record.

Parkrun is a global movement where there are organised free 5k's every Saturday, started out in the UK but has spread everywhere,



Could you not use a title or tag of #parkun? You can then easily search for them ?