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Pausing doesn't seem to work in Fitbit-synced biking

Mt. Kenya

I bike a specific route a lot. I encounter a stop light twice.

I am not sure pausing is working right. Whether I am stopped at the light has an outsized effect on my ride time.

I am tracking using a Fitbit Charge 5, and it syncs to Strava.

Does Strava detect pauses in the synced Fitbit data? If so, how can I see where it is seeing pauses? I would like to validate my theory.

If this is primarily a Fitbit deal, I can check there. I am not clear which part bears responsibility for this. It seems that the data available to Stava is sufficient for it to eliminate pauses, but not sure that it does.


Moderator Moderator

Hi @AuthorizedUser 

Thanks for posting about this.  An outdoor ride with records GPS data will show both your moving time and your elapsed time on the Strava activity page.  Strava relies on GPS data when recording cycling activities to determine whether or not you are moving. A bad GPS connection could lead to false positives if your activity's GPS data tells Strava that you are moving when you aren't.

Please go to this link for full details on how we calculate moving time.

If your GPS signal is weak and jumping around when you are stopped, that could be impacting the moving time calculation.  When you look at the map for your activity, does the GPS data appear to be accurate?  If it isn't, improving the GPS quality your Fitbit is recording could be the key to solving this problem.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Thank you. Please note that my Fitbit is recording the ride, not Strava. Strava is merely receiving the data from Fitbit after my ride.

Given that, does Strava still do auto-pause with this data?

Hello @AuthorizedUser 

Thanks for your reply.  Yes, Strava will use the recorded GPS data when uploading rides to calculate our version of your moving time. This is true whether you record using the Strava Mobile App or a third party device, such as a Fitbit.  

Let me know if that helps.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Thank you. I think we're getting closer. While I see what you mean (screenshot at bottom), I am still wondering if there's more precise data.

Getting a green at either pass by an intersection has an outsized impact on my total ride time. I'd like to review auto-pauses at red lights to make sure they are working as expected.

I am aware that even with auto-pause, my time will increase at a red light (full stop) simply due to the slow down and speed up associated with stopping. The impact of hitting a red light on my time appears to be a much larger magnitude than simply that, and I'd like to verify.