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Refresh my results tool DOESN'T SEEM TO WORK!!!

Mt. Kenya


I think I have a problem with one segment where I tried hard today to hit my PR and I did it. 

The sträva live segment on my wahoo Elemnt shows I did it 16:07 minutes but when I did upload the activity on Strava, it show 19:22 minutes. I already tried "Refresh my result" and "Refresh activity achievements" and they don't seem to work. 

As you can see from the 1st and 2nd picture, the rest of segments are matched from my bike computer and strava activity. 

I don't know if there's anybody are experiencing this issue or has any solution. 





Did you stop right at the start or the end of the segment?  Sometimes if you stop right at the end of a segment, Strava will still think you are on the segment and the time will keep running until you get further away.  Also, if you waited just before starting it or looped around at all near the start, the timer for the segment may have started before you intended it to.  

If you can post a link to the activity, it might help to show what may have happened.

Hi there, 

I actually stopped further away from the end of segment. This is the activity link 

The activity link you posted is different from what you took a screenshot of above.  It is a much shorter file, so maybe you cropped off a whole section?  The one at the link you posted starts right at the start of the segment in question, so hard to tell if there could have been something at that point that could have caused the issue you saw.  Also, in the one you posted, the time for you is 16:06, so also very different than what you showed in the screenshot.

I try to look closely and it seemed like what you mentioned. I waited around 10 feet from the start point and the gps started earlier than it should be. So I try cropping activity to the actual start point of the segment, that's why I got 16.06. 


Okay, so the issue was the waiting around too close to the start of the segment.  If you really want to go for a good segment time, you need to make sure to not stop anywhere close to the start of the segment or stop near the end.  Where you turned around is a lot closer to the finish of the segment than I would normally want to stop at.  I would have gone a lot further to make sure it recorded it correctly.  GPS isn't as accurate as a lot of people think.  It can easily drift a good distance, so it may think you are still in the segment and keep the timer running.

That's good advice man. Thanks a lot, I keep that in mind next time. 

Have a good day! 

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