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Retire gear component

Mt. Kenya

Hi everyone. Is there any hack how to retire an added component to specific date at my bike in the Strava application. Here is the situation, I changed a chain 14 days ago, but I forget to retire the previous one on the day of change. When I want retire the old one, it counts all the kilometers it did not do. thank you


Mt. Kenya

Hi all,

I also have a problem with the retire feature. I've mistakenly retired my bike frame, which seems to be my bike? Well, I wanted to add a new frame because it was actually replaced under warranty from the manufacturer. The bike and other components are still part of my gear but I can't seem to add a frame to that bike now or even bring my old frame back from retire. Is there a way to work around this?

You can currently retire a frame but can't un-retire it. Unfortunately, it's also not possible to add a new frame to your existing setup. In the meantime, you will need to retire the entire bike and create a new one under your gear list.


For more information about adding gear on Strava, please check out this help article:

Adding Gear to your Activities on Strava

Well yes, very unfortunate. I had been adding and retiring components on this bike since 2019. In one fell swoop I've stuffed up all that work. I think I'll just go ride instead. Thank you for your response.

Gee, that really is unfortunate! I am sorry. I will gladly pass this feedback along. I hope you had a lovely ride.

Mt. Kenya

I wrote to Strava Support with this exact use case last year (I was hoping that they could go into my profile and manually change the component retirement date for me).  It would be great to have a date picker for "retired on" in the exact same way as for "added on" which Jane has described in her reply (I can't see that this would be a huge amount of effort to implement either, in fact it could make things simpler as "added" and "retired" would basically be the same)

Moderator Moderator

Hi Blechoun,

Thanks for writing in about this.  When you retire bike components, you can't specify a date and the current date will be used as the retirement date.  However when you add the new version of the component, you can specify an "added on" date and that date can be in the past.  I hope that helps.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

 It would be a nice addition to the Gear feature if we could both specify the retire date (when doing it "in arrears,") as well as "un-retire" gear to bring it "back into service" to resume miles accrued against the component. Tires are a great example of gear that gets swapped out all the time: my gravel bike gets tires based on the sort of ride I'll be doing, from "sloppy pavement" to "gnarly back roads", and I regularly swap between 3 different sets.

Jim Millard

Hello Jim,

Thanks for your comment!  It looks like we have a similar suggestion posted in our Ideas Board.  We encourage you to add your comments  and kudos there.  

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team