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Routes keep changing!

Mt. Kenya

I ride and help maintain our local riding area called Moon Lake. Some trails have been rerouted over the years and new segments are randomly created by someone.  The most recent took a short section of a long trail and someone created a segment called Black Lives Matter. 
It messes with all of our stats and if there is a new rider from out of the area, it is impossible to follow the map.  
is there anything that i can do? Can we wipe it out and start fresh by riding all of the trails? How can i stop random people from changing it all the time?


Moderator Moderator

Hi @Lmarino 

Thanks for your post. Could you explain a bit more to help me understand? Other Athletes creating segments should not mess with your stats or prevent you from following a route on the map. Also, to keep ride activity pages cleaner, and just focus on the segments you're interested in, it's possible to hide segments so they won't appear on the activity page.

Based on this topic, we also have an existing Idea submission over on our Ideas Board that may interest your. I have provided the link below:

Add a way to address historical, inaccurate segment times on changed/re-routed trails

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team