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routing issues

Pico de Orizaba

Using Strava routing including unpaved sections is always an adventure. First, those routes almost always include at least one unrideable or even impassible section. Second, the Strava route builder is often refusing to include sections that are well-known and frequently used cycling paths; one has to switch to manual routing to include those. So a feedback system would be great. In the end, the route builder is one of the most attractive benefits of a Strava subscription. If it does not work properly, customers will switch and rather pay for komoot. And when it comes to performance analysis there are ao many alternatives in the market that offer much more for the money than Strava does. So you guys better make an effort to keep the Strava subscription attractive.


Moderator Moderator

Hello @grumbledook 

Thanks for providing this feedback.  Routes use the data we have available. They may not be perfect and conditions may change, so always use your best judgment, be safe, and follow the rules of the road or trail.  The underlying map data for routes comes from our map provider, OpenStreetMap. If you notice any problems with the map used for routes, you can report those problems directly to OSM:

I would also encourage you to check out this existing feature suggestion on this topic.  We would welcome your comments and vote.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

I know that OSM provides the maps. My point is: the route building (followed by riding) is a Strava user experience. I don't want to have to login into another providers system and fix their dats. This feedback solution should be part of the Strava route builder.

OSM is not "their" data, it ours and yours. And you are very welcome to participate in the work that millions of users have created in their leisure time without any payments.

You don't get it. I am happy to improve the OSM data, but I would prefer to provide feedback directly through the Strava route builder.