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Segments doesn’t appear

Mt. Kenya

My segment doesn’t appear in the general classification. Strava tells me that I hide the start and end of my ride. I want to change that but I can’t. I only have the possibility to keep the hiding mode on 200meters or more. Do someone know how I can desactivate that ?



You could create your own privacy zones, then only the activities starting and ending inside of it will be cut in the public view. The other option is tackling the segment not exactly at the very start or end of your ride, then your efforts will appear in the leaderboard.

Hi, thx for reply. I tried to change of adresse, but it didn’t works. Do you have another idea ? 

@Anton_vaneeck - If this is due to a privacy zone, why not just delete the address altogether if you don't want the privacy zone to apply?  It is pretty simple to do.  On the web version of Strava, click on your profile, go to Privacy Controls, scroll down to Map Visibility and click "edit" on the right side of the first item.  From there, you can add or delete and address.  Just delete the one you don't want.  Once you have done that, you should be able to open the activity you want the segment to count for and have it "refresh activity achievements" from the menu on the left (click the three dots at the bottom of the menu).