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Pico de Orizaba

Strava famously makes login for existing users difficult in order to make it maximise the ease of the signup flow. I take that as a given, even if I don't like it very much.


Please introduce some abort function in the signup flow! I recently stumbled into the signup flow to to being unconcentrated and being unsure which of my email adresses (yes, that's a thing, people who have more than one) to use for login and getting back to the login screen was almost impossible without a brute force cookie reset!

Suggestions, would not hurt to implement all of them:

  1. offer a path from signup to login on posting an email address already connected to an account (if that already exists: it lacks compatibility with addresses on a subdomain!)
  2. an abort button somewhere on the modal dialog that requires name and birthday before any interaction including logout
  3. an abort option in the confirm email address mail. What if someone tried to do an impersonation signup with my email address? A would-be impersonation victim certainly would not want this to just timeout, they will want to abort!

Absence of those features only deepens the impression given by the "big signup, tiny login" pattern that Strava stops caring about their users once they are scooped in.



Where did you see this signup flow? In the app I had to login the last time 3 years before and when im logged out on the web (happens very seldom) I'm always greeted directly with a login option.

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