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Strava flagging


Hello Strava community, and especially strava employees:

There are a few segments I "keep tidy", meaning I flag obvious motorized assistance.  Sometimes I wonder why... but recall that strava is community moderated, so I try.

They are obvious - the hill climb holder is a former world tour pro who set the KOM when he was in the world tour.  Then there's 2-3x the speed and totally unrealistic VAM's of people with their tracking on in vehicles.  This is against strava's stated rules.

Strava used to allow 10 per day of these flagging, so I'd do 10 per day when work was slow.  Now for 3 days and counting my account is prevented from flagging.

1.  When did the quantity per day change?

2. Has strava permanently flagged my account, for doing what is the intended purpose of community self regulation, on entirely legitimate basis of rides?




An auto flag feature would be a start allowing users to concentrate on the more difficult ones. Shouldn't be hard to detect the obviously impossible rides and runs (2s 1km times etc) or those that are under the wrong category (ride as a run). It just needs to prompt that user to check what they have submitted.

Pico de Orizaba

Same issue for me. It's annoying that strava seems to prevent us from doing their job. I am rely thinking of canceling my paid plan. I am a strava member since 2013 and I cannot flag more than some 10 activities. There are electric riders that simply don't care about stating their ride as "E-Bike-Ride".

I've been debating the same.  I can't tell if its disheartening, disenfranchising or disappointing.  Or all three.  Especially since the solutions are likely quite easy.


@starfruit ditto this issue for me! Occasionally I run into segments with well over 10 motor vehicle at the top (for me these are usually road segments that are near the parking lot of popular MTB areas. The MTB guys forget to stop strava.) It's really frustrating to have to wait days to finish cleaning up one segment.

I do think it makes sense to have the limit, otherwise a user could do some damage. A disgruntled user or "punk" kid could start flagging everything just for kicks.

So I think the best solution would be for Strava to implement a behind-the-scenes higher limit for super-users like us. We could simply request it. Someone at Strava takes a look at our account to make sure we're legit, and raises our limit commensurate to our track record (age of our account, etc.). I would propose an initial raise to 100/day for those who qualify. For those who are really putting in time cleaning the database, they can request a further raise to 500 or 1000/day which is then evaluated on a case by case basis.

Then, when someone gets throttled for flagging, instead of a generic error, it can say something like:

"You have reached your daily limit for flagging. If you feel you need a higher limit, please get in touch with us at ZZZZZ and give us a detailed explanation of what you are doing and how many daily flags you need."

I propose mods move this thread to Features Suggestion and open for voting.

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