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Strava saved routes won't load on iOS

Mt. Kenya

I want to download a route to an iPhone for use when offline.  I have done this before on this particular device.  However, now when I go into my Saved Routes, I see the list of routes, but none of them will open when I select them.  Nothing happens when selecting any of the routes.  I can go into record and select a saved route and it opens, but if I'm offline, this won't work.   Any suggestions?


Mt. Kenya

I'm having a similar nightmare. Am on my macbook and none of my saved routes will load. A couple of days ago I. could see all the routes but when I tried to access them all I got was photos of the area and ride segments - no map!

Never had this problem before so never had to contact Strava before - proving impossible to get hold of a real person. You know if there is an email or a phone number as spent hours just getting meaningless AI prompts and questions flashing up which are totally irrelevant.